Private events

We go way beyond your expectations!

We are here to help you plan unforgettable wedding, birthday party, special anniversary, or any other type of private celebration, adding our special touch.

Our solutions


From the logistics to the timing of your wedding celebration, from the design of the location to the most incredible request you could have, we handle every detail to make sure you can stay stress-free on your big day...

Services provided:

  • Location scouting
  • Photographer & cameraman 
  • Flower decoration
  • Catering
  • Wedding band, DJ…

Private party

If you want to plan an anniversary or any other milestone events, we handle with the utmost care all the important details: location, theme, design, lighting, sound arrangements for you to focus on enjoying and sharing unforgettable moments...

Services provided:

  • Decoration
  • Live performers
  • DJ, live band..
  • Fireworks…


From intimate groups to large gatherings our goal is to create a spectacular party depending on your needs.
With our experience to provide a full-service “planning, design, and production”...

Services provided:

  • Artistic direction & Entertainment
  • Sound/lighting design & management
  • Logistics 
  • Transfer services...

Our process


After a first meeting with the client, our team comes together to review the project needs & constraints, brainstorm, consider which resources are plausible, and offer the client a variety of feasible proposals.


The client has chosen a concept, and it’s time to create a game plan. Once a strategy is set in place, Yakazur ’s team works around the clock to allocate, assign, design, and produce. 


Imagination, ideas, and production come together and become a reality. We support our clients and stay behind the scenes throughout the entire event to ensure total success.


Once the main event is over, we follow through with post-production communication activities and guest/ client follow up services, which could be both for the purpose of building relationships and for collecting data that provides insights.


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