VIP hospitality

We cover all your needs.
We’ve got your VIPs covered. We handle everything from villa rentals, yacht rentals, conciergerie services and international sports events.

Our solutions

Conciergerie services

A desire to book a helicopter to have lunch in St Tropez, go on a boat trip with friends or get VIP access to a special event?

Services provided:

  • Helicopter, private jet, limousine, Yacht charter or villa rental
  • Hotel, Restaurant or nightclub reservation
  • Private party or cocktail organization
  • Shopping
  • Babysitting…

Unique experience

Thanks to our experience and network of contacts, we make sure we don’t just satisfy your needs during your stay on the French Riviera, but we guaranty the most exciting and unique experience! 

Services provided:

  • Privat lodge to MC sport events (F1 course, Jumping International of Monte Carlo, Rolex master...)
  • Back stage Access  
  • Michelin star chef diner…

Our process


After a first meeting with the client, our team comes together to review the project needs & constraints, brainstorm, consider which resources are plausible, and offer the client a variety of feasible proposals.


The client has chosen a concept, and it’s time to create a game plan. Once a strategy is set in place, Yakazur ’s team works around the clock to allocate, assign, design, and produce. 


Imagination, ideas, and production come together and become a reality. We support our clients and stay behind the scenes throughout the entire event to ensure total success.


Once the main event is over, we follow through with post-production communication activities and guest/ client follow up services, which could be both for the purpose of building relationships and for collecting data that provides insights.

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